Appetizer “Stoplight”


3 hardboiled eggs
6 crabmeat imitation pieces
6 oz cheese
8 tbsp sour cream or mayonnaise
6 white, wheat, or rye bread pieces
1 bunch greens
1 clove garlic (optional)


Grate cheese and egg whites on a medium grater, mix with the sour cream or Mayo, and add (optionally) grated garlic clove.
Divide this mix into 3 parts.
Add grated crabmeat imitation to first one, blend well.
Add grated egg yolk to the second one, blend well.
Add thinly cut greens to third one, blend well.
Toast the bread pieces.
Rub 3 stripes (red, yellow, and green color) onto every bread piece, and serve on a flat dish decorated with green salad leaves, olives, and pickles.

To get brighter colors, you can add a little paprika or tomato paste to the red mix. For more bright yellow color, add a pinch of curcuma to the yellow mix, and for brighter green color, add more blended greens and sour cream to the green mix.

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