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Considering noticable lack of interest in links from fellow culinary sites and high level of spam requests in a dimmed hope that the spammers links will magically and automatically appear on the site (they won't), we have to suspend functionality of this page. If you are still interested in a link from us, contact us.

Use this form below to request a link from the Russian Cuisine site. You may select to be linked either from the "Russian Cuisine" or from "Treat Your Family Like Nobility", just select the category. Here are some ground rules:

  • If you ask us to link to your site, we expect that you will return the courtesy. That's simply polite, you know. You need to link to us before you submit this form. Here is how to link to us.
  • We only publish links relevant to cooking (both categories), Russia, or European nobility of X-XIX centuries. Any links to Russian cuisine, cooking, food are really welcome. We plan to have also categories for ethnic cuisines, so if your site is devoted to an Indian or Chinese cuisine, feel free to submit into the Russian Cuisine category (yes, we know that it's not Russian, it's just where we plan to have ethnic cuisines categories). Similarly, we welcome sites devoted to Russian history, Russian travel, Russian humor, Russian space exploration etc., as well as European noble families, royal lines, biographies. Again, we only publish links relevant to our topics.
  • Absolutely no pornography, violence, and other illegal stuff.
  • We try to respond within a week, it's often faster, but please, be patient. If you satisfy the requirements listed above and we did not respond in a week, please, assume that something went wrong and resubmit the link. If you don't satisfy the requirements above, please, don't bother in the first place. You may have a wonderful site, but if it is not relevant to us, we are not going to link to it.
  • We reserve the right to reject to link without any explanations. Don't worry about that, that's just for the folks who cannot get what's described above.

Are you ready? Welcome!

Here was the form. Thank spammers for not seeing it here.

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